Global Tankers is a company that specializes in offering comprehensive services in the field of tanker transportation. Their services are designed to cater to the needs of the global shipping industry, particularly in the transportation of liquid cargoes such as oil, petroleum products, and chemicals.


Here are some of the services that Global Tankers typically provides.

Technical Management:

This involves overseeing the technical aspects of vessel operations, including maintenance, repairs, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. This service ensures that the vessels are in optimal condition and can operate efficiently and safely.

Ship Management:

The services are indeed a crucial aspect of the shipping industry worldwide. It encompasses a range of activities related to the effective operation and maintenance of vessels. Ship management can be undertaken by companies that either own the vessels or manage them on behalf of independent owners.

Crew Management:

This involves the recruitment, training, and deployment of qualified seafarers to work on the tankers. It is essential to have a well-trained and competent crew to operate the vessels effectively and ensure the safety of the crew members.

Procurement Management:

This involves handling the purchasing and supply chain activities for the fleet. This includes sourcing and procuring necessary equipment, spare parts, and supplies for the tankers, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effectiveness.

Commercial Management:

This involves chartering and commercial operations of the vessels. This includes negotiating and managing contracts with charterers, optimizing voyage planning, and maximizing the commercial potential of the fleet.